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Stimitatā āgneya स्तिमितता - necklace

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In the stimulation is in Sanskrit a name for the absence of movement, permanence. Keeping calm even in complete chaos.

The symbolism of the chakras appears on the necklace. Chakra is a designation for an energy place (center) in the body, which is described as a circle or vortex. We have a total of 7 of these energy places in our body. The first is mūlādhāra, the designation for the root chakra in our extremities. Another place is svādhiṣṭhāna, or sacral chakra. The third energetic vortex is the maṇi-pūra, called the solar-plesux chakra by us. The fourth place is the anāhata, the heart chakra. The fifth place is the neck chakra, visuddha. The subsequent energy center is the ājñākhya, or frontal chakra, instead of the third eye. And the last place is the Sahasrara, the top chakra.

Āgneya is a name for gold color. 

Material: Gold brass


Height - 5.2 cm

Width - 2.7 cm

Stones of various kinds supporting energy places according to individual chakras.

Designed in the Czech Republic

∗ Handmade by talented artists in India ∗


During 2021, the Ashariya brand was created, combining modern elements with traditional designs of sacred geometry.

Our products are designed in the Czech Republic and handcrafted by talented artists in India. All our gemstones are also sourced from India.

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