Size table

How to measure your ring size?
Different countries have different designations for ring sizes. In our table you will find the most common names. Ring size is a number that indicates the circumference of the finger. Here you will find the naming of the sizes according to the EU.We can measure the size according to the inner circumference of the ring, according to the diameter and we can follow the naming of the EU or USA.

 How to determine the ring size?

There are several ways to measure the ring size.

  • You can have your size measured by a professional. Using special measuring rings, any jewellery shop will find out the size for you.
  • You can measure your size according to the fit of the ring. You can trace the circumference of the ring on paper and measure the diameter with a ruler. Alternatively you print the simple tool HERE.
  • You can measure the size according to the circumference of your finger. For this option, a tailor's tape measure or string and a ruler will suffice. You can measure the circumference of your finger and then attach it to the tape measure and voila, you have the size you need.